Turkish born Canada citizen jailed because of Facebook posts! #FreeEceHeper

Posted By on 3 Ocak 2017

Haber.land  Exclusive – Turkish born Canada citizen Ece Heper which has been arrested last Friday in the city Kars of Turkey now has been sentenced and put in jail. Eyewitnesses reported that police officers arresting Ece told them she has been arrested because of her social media posts, most likely posts she were criticizing president Erdogan and Turkish government in  Facebook.

Ece now is jailed in Kars T type closed women prison. One cannot obtain exact information on the accusations made to her.

The friends of Ece in Mardin where she has been living for a while, reported she received cancer treatment in the past and recently diagnosed as pneumonia so they are seriously worried about her health.

Ece has been arrested in Kars during a visit in a friend house.

Ece’s friends also reported they informed  Canadian Embassy regarding the incident.  Canadian Embassy authorities  now confirmed they are aware of the situation of Ece and they would try to contact Ece to offer her some consular assistance. Ece’s arrest with the pretext of “Facebook posts”  demonstrates Freedom of Expression’s pathetic situation in Turkey. Recently thousands of people have been arrested in Turkey either by the pretext of criticizing government authorities or  “terrorist propaganda”.  YPG in Syria (People’s Protection Unit) fighting against ISIS and other jihadists and widely supported by Western countries, also taking their part in the coalition against ISIS is considered as a “terrorist organization” in Turkey hence any word to praise their fight against ISIS gangs is considered as “terrorist propaganda”.  Recently EU authorities  claimed any visa liberalization between EU and Turkey would not be possible without the change of  current anti-terrorism law in Turkey.

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